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Be the change you wish to see in the world

Lately, publishers may have noticed a distinctly international flavour to the features in the Whitehall app. If you aren’t DFID, FCO or UKTI, you may be wondering what’s afoot.

Welcome to ‘Worldwide’

We will soon release a section of Inside Government called ‘Worldwide’, which those organisations with an overseas presence will use to publish information about their structure and activities in locations around the globe. The pages of Worldwide will replace the existing location sites of DFID, FCO and UKTI.

You may recall a version of the Worldwide section in our beta.

The Worldwide ‘model’

The ‘Worldwide locations’ will consist of countries, overseas territories and missions to international organisations. ‘Worldwide locations’ will be managed by of a number of ‘Worldwide organisations’, which are the representations of HMG organisations in those places, such as the British embassy in Madrid or DFID Afghanistan. 


The organisations will share a homepage but each will have their own profile page, which will explain their individual missions, structures and from where users will be able to access staff biographies and contact information.


Local interest content

It has long been possible to publish content on Inside Government and associate that to overseas locations. With the launch of Worldwide the amount of content uniquely about particular locations will greatly increase and be produced and curated from within those locations. This content will initially consist of news stories, speeches, case studies and a new document type called a ‘Worldwide priority’.

Clear Priorities

'Worldwide priorities' will explain what each organisation is doing in a location and why.

Like policies, these will have a consistent structure and be action-orientated. Organisations will associate Worldwide content to these priorities and use them as an anchor in much the same way as policies are used on Inside Government. Indeed, priorities will mostly in turn be associated to policies and be illustrative of the implementation of those policies overseas.

Preparation and feedback

Although we had the benefit of the beta, the delivery of Worldwide has taken place in super-quick time, thanks to the herculean efforts of Inside Government’s developers and designers.

Now DFID, FCO and UKTI are testing and preparing Worldwide for its release. Feature iterations are still taking place and there is nothing to stop the curious amongst any of the Whitehall publishers playing with Worldwide on Preview. We’d welcome any feedback you have.