Inside Inside Government


Main navigation change: ‘Content by type’

We’ve replaced the word “Documents” in the Inside Government navigation in favour of “Content by type”, and moved the Policies link to sit within it. 

In both remote (quantitive) and lab (qualitative) testing we’ve seen users struggle slightly with the idea of announcements, statistics and consultations being grouped as “documents”. 

A proportion of users have also mistaken the navigation as being contextual to the department they started from, as opposed to global to all the organisations sharing Inside Government. We think this change makes the global applicability more apparent. 

In coming iterations we expect to merge the “How government works” and “Inside Government” pages into one, and to add Worldwide.

Departments, Topics and Worldwide provide browse routes to see  all content types aggregated by organisation, broad theme or international location.

Content by type provides a route to interrogate the site to find specific information by its type.

As always, we’ll test this and be prepared to change it based on what we learn.