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Maps, whips and YouTube clips

What have maps, whips and YouTube clips got in common?

Nothing other than they’re all included in this random round-up of small changes we should let you know about: 

  • There is a new publication sub-type for maps. Editors: If you have published maps (like these), please edit them when you get a mo to  associate them to this new maps sub-type. 
  • The publications and announcements ‘by type’ menus are now alphabetised.
  • The lists of ministers, managers and other leaders on organisation pages only show a person once even if they have two or more current roles (this was working before but a bug had crept in; now fixed again). Editors: Distinct roles should always be set up as separate records in the system. A person can hold an unlimited number of concurrent roles. 
  • We now differentiate between Whips and other ministerial roles, so we can display them in a separate list on the ministers page. There is a flag in the admin for a role to specify different kinds of Whips. 
  • YouTube videos render in the player even if you use the short version of the YouTube URL
  • We’ve fixed a bug which was resulting in lots of copies of the same internal email notification being sent out to writers when documents are either published or rejected. (If you set up an email rule to get these out of your inbox, it’s now safe to turn that off again)
  • Lists of documents and the ‘Latest’ boxes look moderately better in IE6 and 7. But we’re now going to refactor the frontend code completely to make them significantly better
  • Added a corporate info page for office access and opening times (intended mainly for Embassies and other overseas offices in the forthcoming Worldwide section, but use it if it’s relevant to you)
  • Brought document series out into their own section in the admin interface. To create them you still need to look under your own department’s area, but that will probably change at some point 
  • Added a link in the ‘corporate information’ area on org pages to the mainstream guidance about making an FOI request