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Welcoming DECC …and a load of new features

Today we welcomed DECC as the 7th ministerial department to move onto Inside Government. There will be a post from Ross over on the official GDS blog for more about that tomorrow.

With DECC’s transition comes a bunch of new features which were much needed by them, and should hopefully be of use to everyone else too.

They include: 

Replacing document attachments

Previously to replace an attached file you had to remove it, upload the new file and change the reference number in the markdown. The removed file remained available at its published URL.

Now you can now replace an attachment more easily, and when you publish the document edition to which the file is attached, the URL of the old attachment gets redirected to the new one so that inbound traffic from links and bookmarks will be sent to the correct file. 

This is what the admin interface looks like (it’s pretty self-explanatory):


Uploading document attachments in bulk

DECC (along with DCLG and DFT) often need to publish a lot of files in one go. We’ve added a bulk upload facility to make that much quicker. It’s available on all the document formats that support attachments, from statistics to detailed guides. 

Here’s how it looks:


And here’s how it works:

  • on a document you are editing, select the ‘bulk upload’ option
  • attach a Zip file containing all the files that you want to upload. (Those files can themselves be Zip files - the app unpacks the file you upload not the files within it).
  • any files with filenames identical to existing attachments on the document will be matched up as replacements, retaining the existing title and other metadata (which you should still review and edit as needed)
  • all other files in the Zip will be uploaded as new attachments, ready for you to input their titles and other metadata 

Support for ArcGIS and KML files

DECC publish lots of geographic data. We’ve added suport for (proprietary) ArcGIS and (open) KML files. We encourage anyone who publishes these to always provide the same data in both formats. 

Tagging publications to multiple series

You can now associate publications to an unlimited number of document series, making this a much more flexible way of grouping publications by theme and over time. 

Many of you were waiting for this change. DECC’s need to group information by relevance to different energy sectors was the catalyst for our getting this done. 

Blog promo link on organisation pages

You can now add a link to your department’s blogs in the ‘follow us’ block on your org page. 


We’ll be adding support for more of these links and icons as we go along.